Tucson DUI Attorney

A conviction for DUI or other Criminal offense has potential far reaching and serious consequences that could linger for a lifetime. Often times, a conviction can result in incarceration, a lengthy and restrictive probation, large fines, restitution assessments, and deportation if you are not a citizen. If you find yourself in a compromising position The Law Office of Mark W. Heckele, can help.

When you go to Court without the help of a skilled and experienced Tucson DUI attorney, you are going into a hostile environment blindfolded. NO ONE in the Court, aside from your attorney, has the exclusive responsibility to protect your rights. Many of the people who you come into contact with in Court are primarily interested in moving your case through the system as quickly as possible – which is not in a Defendant’s best interest.

Aggressive representation tailored to defend Tucson DUI charges both in any court and at DMV hearings, by strategizing with clients to develop an effective defense, is one of the most effective ways to increase your chances of successfully defending DUI charges. We want to know why the police stopped your car, how well you performed on the field sobriety tests, whether the officer completed a 15-minute observation period prior to the breath test, if the machine had any history of malfunction, and many other factual events leading up to your arrest.

To explore your legal rights and options further, please call The Law Office of Mark W. Heckele to speak to a qualified representative TODAY!