Copyright is an area of intellectual property law that protects original works of authorship that are created in tangible mediums.  Copyright laws protect both published and unpublished works.  Work is protected the moment it is created in a tangible form of expression.  Examples of works that might come under copyright protection are songs, poems, movies, literary pieces, computer software, paintings, photos, poetry, architecture, and other written works.

 Copyright registration is not required. Your work, remember, is protected the moment it is created. Registration, nevertheless, is recommended because it has a number of advantages, such as putting the public at large on notice of your creation. Registration is also particularly usefulness in the event any litigation arises out of the alleged copyrighted material.

 Our copyright attorneys assist clients on copyright issues such as the following:

  • Copyright protection and registration
  • Copyright litigation
  • Licensing
  • Publishing
  • Distribution

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